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Don Lucas HS Series is the mild to medium cigar blend in the brand, mixing a floral flavor from the Sumatran wrapper and the spicy taste of Dominican binder and filler tobaccos. The Don Lucas HS Series or House Series blend is not too heavy but bolder than the Classic line. Ready for a little more kick? Available in a range of traditional parejo sizes such as Robusto and Corona. Moreover, they come in beautiful wooden boxes. Finally, now you can buy them online at Cigar Country.

Don Lucas H.S. Series cigars creator, Mr. Philippe Gillet, visited the Dominican Republic for the first time in 1992, finding not only great weather and beautiful beaches but also some of the world’s finest cigars! Settling in Punta Cana, far from where tobacco grows but at the center of the Caribbean’s most popular tourist destination, Don Lucas started making cigars with only two rollers. Don Lucas has flourished in the market by producing “quality over quantity.” Family owned and operated by Phillipe’s son Gregory, responsible for limiting production to ensure the highest standards of quality. Golf and Travel Magazine ranked Don Lucas in the top 12 cigars brands of the Dominican Republic. So buy them here at Cigar Country and enjoy some of the best cigar brands in Dominican Republic.

Blend Details
  • Product Type: Premium handmade cigars.
  • Unique Blend Attributes: Made in Punta Cana. Don Lucas HS Series is a mild to medium handmade cigar dressed in an Indonesian Sumatra wrapper.
  • Strength Profile: Full-bodied.
  • Created in: 2005
  • Born in: Punta Cana
  • Made in: Dominican Republic
  • Master Blender: Gregory Gillet
  • Owners: Gillet Family
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