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At Don Lucas Cigars our passion has lead us to create 7 cigar lines that each have their own unique blend and flavor profiles. Keeping all smokers in mind we have worked to create the best dominican cigars that can be enjoyed by all, bringing people closer together to share a memorable moment with great cigars.

At Don Lucas we produce 14 different cigar sizes with five different strengths, which are kept in our humidors to ensure optimal conditions. All cigars can be found on site as well as in different shops and distributors around the world. Our cigars offer an experience you don’t want to miss on.

  • Don Lucas Classic Series.
  • Don Lucas A.L Series.
  • Don Lucas H.S Series
  • Don Lucas Family Reserve.
  • Don Lucas 20th Anniversary.
  • Don Lucas A.L.M Series.
  • Tao